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5 Favorite LA Instagram Photo Opps

5 Favorite LA Instagram Photo Opps

LA is full of Instagram photo opps but these are some of my favorite! I like a wide array of city, ocean and nature shots to change up my feed. If you’re ever in LA and stuck for a good photo spot – here’s your guide!




Los Feliz Palm Trees

Head over to Los Feliz and you’ll find tons of these streets that are lined with palm trees! This specifically was taken on one of the ones right off of Franklin, across from the entrance to Griffith Park! I absolutely love shooting here because the palm trees are so perfect on both sides of the street and it feels so quintessential LA! This is a neighborhood street so there aren’t too many cars, which makes it perfect for a middle of the street photo opp!





Downtown LA View

This view of downtown LA is unbelievable! Right on the corner of White Knoll Drive and W Figueroa Street (right by Dodgers Stadium) is where you’ll find this view. This seems like a sort of hidden gem in LA as there weren’t too many people taking photos when I went. I love how the city lines up perfectly with the street and you can get some amazing shots here!




Beverly Hills Courthouse

Only in LA is the courthouse this pretty, but the Beverly Hills Courthouse is another perfect photo opp! You’ll often see people shooting engagement or wedding photography here and it can get a little crowded. I went right around sunset and I really love the shadowy, golden vibe. This is the iconic courthouse shot but the general area also has a lot of other cute places to take photos as well!





Cliffs of Malibu

Malibu is definitely not a secret, but if you go in the early morning or on an overcast day, you can get the gloomy, vintage vibe that I absolutely love! The further up the coast you go, the less crowded it seems to be. These were taken on a cold January day on the cliffs of La Piedra State Beach and I really really love how they came out. I’m all about the vintage, British seaside sort of vibe and these absolutely captured that!





Pasadena City Hall

This was taken at the church across from Pasadena City Hall but there are so many good photo opportunities in that general area! City Hall itself is great, but I loved this stone church that was across the street. It gave me major European vibes, which can be hard to find in LA! Pasadena can be a little bit of a drive from “central LA” but it’s totally worth it!







And there you have it, five of my favorite photo spots in and around LA! This is just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of good spots around the city so let me know if you have any faves!


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