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Winter Beach Days

Winter Beach Days

I wanted to do shoot something vintage-y that felt very theatrical and like it could be shots for a film. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of British period pieces and feel like I was inspired by that! When I found this shirt at Unique Vintage, I knew it would go perfect with this plaid green skirt that I had! Threw a long tan jacket over that and tossed the hair in a bun. I love that this jacket is super modern (I bought it last week at Abercrombie!) but has such a classic feel that it can seem vintage as well.

We drove out to Malibu to try to find a beach that could pass for the rocky beaches of Britain. This was one was perfect! I tried to avoid any palm trees or anything that felt too West Coast. It was super windy and so cold but we did our best and I love how these shots turned out! Make me wanna settle down with a cup of tea and watch a Kiera Knightley movie!


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