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My Favorite Coffee Shops/Cafes in NY

I neeed coffee to function everyday.  If my day doesn’t start with a cup then I’m pretty much useless.  Needless to say, in the six years I’ve lived in NYC I’ve been to probably hundreds of coffee shops across the city.  Here’s a list of a few of my faves in case you’re visiting and need to get your caffeine fix!


This isn’t a place on this list but I do love me some diner coffee.

1) B Cup Cafe

212 Avenue B 

I used to go here ALL THE TIME when I lived in the East Village. It’s one of my fave places to take my laptop and get some work done! They have tons of cute seating options, very much a Friends vibe with the comfy couches and armchairs.  It’s sort of small and they close somewhat early so it’s a perfect mid-day lunch spot.  They have a menu with a TON of food options that are so yummy! And their iced drinks come in a cute carafe glass.  Perfect for Instagram photos!


2) Cafe Grumpy

193 Meserole Avenue

Cafe Grumpy has a few locations  but my most visited is their one in Greenpoint.  Also known as where Hannah works for a short time on GIRLS.  This place is HUGE.  It’s deceiving from the front but they have a ton of space and tables in the back for you to settle in with your coffee and laptop and get work done.  They also have a super cute book area where you can borrow a book and just read while sipping on your iced coffee.

3) Woops

548 Driggs Avenue AND 120 Norman Avenue

Woops is the Instagramer’s dream location.  You’ve probably seen them featured in so many Instagrams.  They have a bunch of locations as well but their Williamsburg and Greenpoint locations are my most visited.  The Williamsburg location is always super busy, espeically on the weekend so if you’re looking to get a cute pic, it might be worth it to make the trek to the wayyyyy less crowded Greepoint location.  This place has the best desserts, especially their macaroons.  Also my absolute favorite iced chai comes from Woops.


4) The Bean

54 2nd Ave

The Bean, again, has a ton of locations but the 2nd Avenue was my most visited when I lived in the East Village during college.  I used to drag all my books here to study with my roommates.  They have a ton of food options (their quiches are my fave!) and this one also has a printer you can pay to print to!  It was very convenient when I was a college student.  One of my fave places mainly because of the memories of college attached to it but still a great cup of coffee and a super cute place.

5) Variety

261 7th Avenue

Variety is everywhere I go.  Just kidding but this place is my good luck sign.  When my boyfriend, Felix, first moved into his apartment in Bushwick there was one right up the block and we loveddd it.  We would go all the time.  Then, I moved from the East Village to East Williamsburg… and there was one in my new neighborhood.  Then, when Felix and I moved in together in Greenpoint, there was one right down the block from us!  Lastly when I started my old job  (that I’ve since quit)  there was one being built right around the corner! We’ve started to say that this place is our sign that we’re in the right place since it’s been everywhere we’ve been so far. They make the best cold brew and have a bunch of yummy pastries. I’ve linked to their Manhattan location since it’s probably the most convenient but there’s a special place in my heart for the Bushwick location since that was my first experience.


6) Champion Coffee

142 Nassau Avenue

Super close to my apartment and my fave.  Their nitro cold brew is the best caffeine fix and so good.  They don’t have a ton of seating though so this is more a grab and go place but it’s only a few blocks from McCarren Park and the rest of Williamsburg.  They also have really yummy pastries.

7) Think Coffee

123 4th Ave

They also have a bunch of locations across the city but this is the one I most frequent.  My go to drink here is a Iced Spanish Latte and it is soooo good.  They have this brie and apple sandwich that I also love, and plus plenty of other yummy treats.  They have a bunch of seating but since this place is only a few blocks from Union Square, it can get kind of crowded.

8) Starbucks!.. Just kidding! Sometimes you need that pumpkin spice latte though!


Hope you enjoyed this list of my fave coffee shops throughout the city! Go and enjoy a cup of joe and a croissant at any of these places next time you need that caffeine fix.


Some Variety coffee on a winter weekend.


Woops in Greenpoint!





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  1. Felix
    June 4, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    I loved the coffee post, and the shout-out

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