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I’m Back

It’s been about six and a half months since I last made an entry on this blog.

Hey, I had an excuse.. I only moved across the country!

Okay, that’s not really a good excuse but it’s the only one I’ve got.


Moving out of our apartment in Brooklyn 🙁

Honestly, it’s been a lot of change in a short amount of time and writing and taking pictures wasn’t exactly a priority the last few months.  Getting a job, remembering how to drive a car on a highway, and navigating a new city took precedence.

But I think I’ve gotten a hang on most of that now, so I’m back! If you haven’t noticed, my Instagram has started to get back into full swing so I figured I’d get this blog back up and running as well.

Obviously a lot has happened in the last few months.  Too much that I could share in one blog post but this is more like a little check-in.  A hey, remember this thing?  It’s going to be coming back.  Especially now that I live in a place where it’s sunny everyday and taking pictures is no longer impossible due to the freezing weather a fourth of the year!

So here we go.  2019 in a new city, on a new coast. Let me know if there’s things you want to know or anything else.  And let’s do this 🙂

And here are some pics from the West Coast so far…



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