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Hello, 25

Hello, 25

I turned 25 in January of this year.  And promptly had a quarter life crisis.

The past year has been one of obviously pretty huge changes.  I moved.  I had to start over in an entirely new place on the other side of the country.  But I made those choices and I was good with them.   But to say it’s been easy would be a huge understatement.

The first four months were all getting used to everything.  Taking in all the new sights and sounds of the West Coast.  Then January hit and LA had its coldest and wettest winter in a very long time apparently.  This definitely didn’t help my quarter life crisis.  I now had pretty much settled in.   I had a routine now.  The excitement and shine of a new place had worn off.  The last few months have been harder than the first four for that reason. It’s no longer that exciting.  The realities of day to day life have caught up and I was not ready for them.

I miss New York.  I miss my friends there and the subway and the city lights and walking absolutely everywhere.  I knew it would hit eventually.   And it has.  And like anything it’ll probably pass.  Or maybe it won’t and I’ll move back to New York in a year.  Who knows?

I know I’m romanticizing New York.  When I was there, I was unhappy.  But the grass is always greener on the other side, right?  And we’re all about keeping it real here.

When I picked up and moved to LA, I told myself I had to try it.  I would always ask “what if” if I never tried it.  And I’m very proud to say that I did do it.  The year isn’t up and anything can happen in the next six months.

My ultimate dream for myself and what I think would make me happiest is to be truly bi-coastal.  Apartments in both cities, a job I can do from my laptop whether that’s in a cozy apartment in Greenpoint or a sunny LA patio.  That goal is still pretty far off but it’s definitely something I’m working towards.  Nothing is impossible, right?!  I’m only 25! I have years and years to live in LA and in New York and anywhere else in between.  It’s important to remind myself of that sometimes.  I feel like 25 is so old and I should have everything figured out by now, but that’s crazy! And not realistic and definitely contributing to my quarter life crisis.

So 25… we’re four months in with nine to go.  And it’ll be fine and it’ll get figured out.  Hopefully. 🙂


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