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Fave NYC Summer Activities

Anytime I have friends or family visit me in NYC during the summer they always ask for recommendations of fun things to do!  NYC has so many awesome cheap or free events and even more in the summer! Below is my list of fave activities!

1. Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg takes place on the weekends on the waterfront in Williamsburg.  Tons of different vendors food vendors set up shop and you can try so many different creations.  Be ready to eat a ton! It can get crowded so the earlier you go the better but it’s a great way to try some of NYC’s famous foods all in one place.





2.  Movies in the park

This happens in so many of the cities parks! I’m specifically thinking of McCarren Park because that’s what closest to me but I know for a fact that a ton of city parks offer this! Grab a blanket and some friends and watch a movie under the city lights!  Again get there early to grab a good spot!





3.  Beaches!

When people think NYC they don’t often think beaches but there are actually quite a few beaches within the NYC subway system.  I’m not a huge beach person myself so I typically don’t make the trek out there but if you love the beach and wanna spend a day by the ocean then make the trip! There’s of course Coney Island but that can get busy and is not always the nicest.  Rockaway Beach is off the A train and is, in my opinion, one of the best options.  It gets super crowded on the summer weekends but just a bit past it is Jacob Riis and Fort Tilden whichare only accessible by car but also an option!



4.  Street fairs

Okay, this is by far my favorite summer event. You can just be strolling home and run into a festival! This happened to me last weekend.  I was walking home from Whole Foods and saw a bunch of lights and upon further investigation saw a whole festival.  Pina coladas, ferris wheel, grilled corn, cotton candy etc etc.  One of my fave things to do in the summer!




5. Free Shows

This might take alittle more planning but there’s tons of free shows throughout the parks during the summer months.  Concerts, plays, etc.   You might have to do a bit of research to see what is playing while you’re visiting but there’s more often that not something great to see! Check out the Shakespeare in the Park which is fabulous Shakespeare performed in Central Park by the Public Theatre.  They offer free tickets to those in line when the box office opens and you can usually see some celebrities perform Shakespeare for free!



There’s only a month left of summer in NYC so jump on these while you can!


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