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Birthday Reflections

My birthday was about one week ago and I am 27! Which feels crazy to me! But here I am, in my late twenties already. I wanted to take some time to think about the last year and what my goals are for 27!

Reflecting on 26

This last year was probably one of the hardest and, if we’re being honest, worse years so far. Between the pandemic, the political environment, and my own personal issues – it was definitely a challenging year but it’s a new year! I always liked my birthday being in January because it felt like a fresh start and went hand in hand with the New Year.

I tend to focus on the negatives a lot of the time. And only see the bad things that happened. But one thing I have been working on the last few months is reframing things in a positive way – so that’s what we’re going to do here!

Here’s my list of the good things that happened in 26!

1. Redecorated a lot of my apartment! And though I have a long way to go, I’ve made a ton of progress!
2. Restarted this blog! I’ve had this blog for years but sporadically posted but the past few months, I’ve decided to recommit and make it a priority. I love having something creative I can focus on that is 100% in my control.
3. Focused on mental health and self care. If you know me, you know I have major anxiety and pretty bad OCD. This year I actually started therapy and focusing on bettering myself and my mental health!
4. Started teaching myself more camera and editing techniques and started learning Photoshop, Lightroom and how to shoot on the DSLR.
5. Got to spend more time with my cats

Looking At 27

And here we are at 27. I have a good feeling about this year. And I’m putting that down in writing. Your late twenties are weird because some people have it all together and are married or own houses and have kids and some have no idea what they’re doing. I am definitely in the latter. But that’s okay!

1. Grow this blog! And social media! I definitely want to stay motivated to updating this blog and growing my social media platforms.
2. Get more creative with shoots and content! I tend to play it safe and worry about how more creative things will be “judged” but I need to get over that and just go for it! No more caring what others think!
3. Write! Write! Write! All types of things! Blog posts, journal entries, scripts!
4. Travel! Hopefully things get back to normal at some point this year and traveling becomes an option again. I would love to visit the UK this year!
5. Be more okay with not knowing everything.
6. Patience!!! I have no patience and it’s something I need to get better at and focus on.
7. Stop wasting time! I tend to mindlessly scroll for hours and get distracted so easily. I need to be better about time management and getting things done!
8. Just do it! I tend to psyche myself out of doing a lot of things by overthinking or worrying about what will happen, but I’ll never know unless I try!
9. Be better about exercise and healthy eating.
10. Focus on the positives! Like I mentioned above, I tend to heavily focus on the negatives. I’m starting to believe that mindset is everything and I’m going to start manifesting positive things instead.

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  1. legallybrunette97
    February 9, 2021 / 3:12 pm

    I’m very appreciative of you and anyone else who is open about anxiety issues – it’s something that really affects so many people. Glad that you are finding good ways to deal with it & with the other issues you mentioned. & yeas, focusing on the positives is so important.

    I know I’m weeks late, but Happy Birthday and wishing you a truly wonderful year!

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